Our specialists provide a wide range of services in this matter. From the simple maintenance of the goods to the construction of complex logistics solutions. Our experience will help you to optimize operating costs of Your business.

Legal support

Business is always fraught with legal issues. To develop firmly looking into the future, our specialists could provide as complex legal support of Your business as the individual consultations.


Working in the sphere of international trading, very often you can face with complex financial issues. It is conversion, payments between countries, reduce costs. Our experts will help you to find the most adapted solution of Your task.

HR support

Human resources are rightfully considered to be a strategic resource for any company and one of those options where the extensive approach will not work.

We support the complex development and implementation of personnel policy, and advice on the selection of specific employees.


The qualitative development of business is impossible without serious marketing support. Organization of exhibitions, seminars, webinars, press conferences, socially significant events, sponsorships, and other activities related to the advertising and marketing, form an opinion about Your company on the market. Social polls, the notion of capacity and needs of the market, pricing is the procedure of trade marketing, which provides a solid Foundation for the development of Your business.

Analytics and planning

Modern business without analytics is like a plane without navigation devices. Moreover, few know the absolute values of those or other indicators that it is often difficult to calculate, but it is important to understand the dynamics attitude and influence one indicator to another. Therefore, the comprehensive analytical approach requires special knowledge in mathematics for modeling and calculation, and industry-specific knowledge in the field of investigational business.

Doing qualitative analytical work, our specialists will provide tools for planning in all business processes.

Optimization of the companies

Often, even good business ideas need in a view from the side. For this our experts might carry out a comprehensive analysis and develop a «road map» for strong and stable development. Assessment of the situation can be as complex, as a separate component of the business.

Assistance in the ideas implementation through discussion and propose options for the development of Your business with a reliable, accompanied by our company. One of the activities of 2NS-Trading is the creation and maintenance of distribution platforms in the form of cross-docking and local warehouses continuous availability, including the development of retail outlets and regional branch network.


Modern business is impossible without the implementation of Internet technologies. Our specialists provide support in establishing, maintaining, optimization and promotion of any Internet resources.

about us

2NS-Trading, group of companies have been formed by investors from different countries with common interests. The main activity of 2NS-Trading is the consulting companies for the development of sales in Europe and post-Soviet countries.

Activities of the froup are mainly connected with the automobile and machine-building business, but also presents in the food, chemical and textile industry. Feature of the company is an individual approach to each client depending on the region and the scope of its activities, through the establishment and consolidation the team of specialists concentrated on developing a project, taking into account all wishes and recommendations of partner.

Philosophy of the group is the development and optimization of business processes in compliance with the legislative base of the region.

Mission of the company is to serve and protect the interests of both the buyer and the supplier, building long-term, sustainable relationships and stable economic development not only in the format of the buyer-seller, but a harmonious integration into the business space of the industry sector.



Population: 143,5 million people

GDP per capita : 14 400 $

Inflation: 6,2%

Line of work: automotive, food, textile, chemical industry


Population: 45,5 million people

GDP per capita : 3 900 $

Inflation: 4,8 %

Line of work: automotiveand chemical industry


Population: 17 million people

GDP per capita : 13 050 $

Inflation: 4,9 %

Line of work: automotive industry


Population: 9,5 million people

GDP per capita: 6 700 $

Inflation: 16,5 %

Line of work: automotive industry

Baltic States

Population: 6 million people

GDP per capita : 14 800 $

Inflation: 3%

Line of work: automotive industry


Population: 3,5 million people

GDP per capita : 2 040 $

Inflation: 4,1 %

Line of work: automotive industry

Czech Republic

Population: 10,5 million people

GDP per capita : 18 135 $

Inflation: 2 %

Line of work: automotive, food and chemical industry


Population: 8,4 million people

GDP per capita: 42 082 $

Inflation: 1,8%

Line of work: food industry


Population: 65,9 million people

GDP per capita: 43 000 $

Inflation: 1,2%

Line of work: food and chemical industry


Population: 320,2 million people

GDP per capita : 49 900 $

Inflation: 1,5%

Line of work: chemical industry

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